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Thread: Calling any Orc player

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    Calling any Orc player

    Ug, Greebas, Hail, Good Souls, Vendui,

    My name is Griz'lok, and I am an old Catskills UO player. I played with a Drow Elf RP group and eventually joined Shadowclan Orcs on Catskills. Once Siege Perilous opened, I moved to that shard with Shadowclan and eventually became a Berzerker Tribe Grunt. UO was and is still the most fun, fulfilling RP and Gaming I've ever taken a part of.

    So now I want to let it be known I'm not hear to poach or take away from your clan in any way. I'm not here as some pushdug/glob/kraltch and I'm not some traitor orc. I'm on a kind of mission to "unite the clans."

    Now that I have that out of the way, I'm looking for any player who has ever roleplayed an "Orc" in ultima online in any capacity. We have a decent sized group of us on Legacy UO server with our own custom fort. The map is only a Malas map, so its smaller and there is more player interaction.

    I'm not going to post a link, but you can simply search up Legacy UO and find the client and Discord, which has been great in keeping communication.

    It felt so much fun to log in, find an orc fort and meet another Orc. The funniest thing was I am from Shadowclan and they were Bloodrock Orcs (not to be confused with you all). We had a different dialect for some words but it was close enough that communication is not a problem. They recognized me as "shadow'hai" but accepted me just the same, and a few other of us.

    It was exciting to find another group of like minded individuals who had been doing the same thing for so long but in a completely different world.

    So here I stand, hat in hand, looking for more Orcs to come and play and have some old school fun in Legacy UO, which is a rebirth of the old Angel Island UO Shard/ruleset.

    I hope I have not broken any rules by coming in to post this. I just would like to meet you all the same as I had met a completely different clan in the Bloodrock Orcs, much in the same way Shadowclan met with the Severed Heads clan from Europa back in the late 90's early 00's.

    Gug'ye fur now,


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    Ug der Griz.

    We actually have worked with most of the clans that you have mentioned numerous times in the past and actually had a good mash up of SC, Kor, BF, BR, and BC orcs. It was a hell of alot of fun. Its always a fun time to be had when several orcs band together to bring some slaughter and destruction to the hummie scum. Currently The Bloodclan is very inactive but that is not to say you wont find some interested orcs once they have had a chance to look this over.

    Good luck and I hope everything turns out great for you all. I may even have a look myself at some point.

    Nok'Tor De Mytee, Fizt Ub De Wargod

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    We had a shard event last night and we defended the fort for a good while and it just brought back that feeling again. I hope some will see this and give it a chance. It's still a great time.

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    Urkala (Orc Fort)

    Legacy UO is definitely the place to be, as far as UO goes these days.
    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

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