Ultima Shards: Multiverse

Ultima Shards: Multiverse was created with the purpose to unite the freeshard community together. With the creation of an entirely new type of server login process, Ultima Shards has the ability to load any expansion, located from a server anywhere in the world, into one shardlist (server realm list). This process allows us to pool all accounts between all servers, but keep the players created within those accounts, separate, allowing us to attract players who prefer specific eras.

Currently we have Age of Shadows (AoS - Released July 2nd. 2016) and The Second Age (T2A - Released 11/11/2017) available from our shardlist, and plan on at least creating UOR and ML versions as well. While we don't go after exact 100% emulation of the game as it was during those eras, we offer an extremely similar feel to it. Combat mechanics and the feel of the game remain similar to how it was during the original game during that specific expansion, but we have improved the overall quality of life, the decoration of the world that you live in (which has gone downhill in the official game), and have provided players with bonus content that are huge successes in today's modern games.

The content we create has a process of being aesthetically pleasing, well crafted, and with an emphasis on keeping players engaged for prolonged periods of time. Ultima Online has come a long way since its inception, but there are many things that its failing to meet the mark on in today's gaming market. Ultima Shards: Multiverse have addressed these issues by providing the feeling of risk vs reward, by designing content that pushes Ultima Online farther than its ever been before, and by maintaining a beautifully decorated world in which every town you visit has its own unique character and story.

Below is a list of just a taste of the unique content we provide. All of this is accessible free for you, Ultima Online fans.

Completely Revamped Guilds

While the original Ultima Online Guilds are outdated visually unappealing, Ultima Shards has completely revamped the look and feel of Guilds. Our Guild System, now as in modern games, are small to large communities that encourage cooperate game-play, lead to unsuspected friendships, and help create a fun and social experience within the world. We've taken the Guild Experience to a whole new level. Guilds can now be leveled all the way until level 25 by completing various Daily and Weekly Quests, killing monsters, and sending Guild Companions on missions that result in Guild XP Resources. These resources can be used to purchase aesthetic items for an individual or powerful buffs meant to power up the PvM experience. Our Guilds also come with a PvP portion called Militias. Any player in the Guild can toggle their militia status on, and in doing so, Militia members from different Guilds can battle each other anywhere in the world at any time to earn special rewards, currency, and help bring their Guild on the of the leaderboards! Militia can even capture Towns and Dungeons. Capturing a town results in a portion of that cities profits going toward the Guild's finances, and capturing a Dungeon increases the yield of all Guild members fighting inside, as well as providing the Guild with experience from any other players in the world killing monsters inside of that dungeon (even non guildies).


Similar to other games, we have implemented an Achievement System with hundreds of different Achievements available to complete, for those powergamers that are hungry to make their way to the top of the Leaderboards while obtaining some unique rewards and items along the way.

Automated Battlegrounds + Invasions

For those that want to get into some quick battleground game, Ultima Shards provides players with the ability to queue and join various battlegrounds at certain times in the day, as well as some that are open 24/7. While our primary emphasis is on world PvP, battlegrounds provide players with bonus PvP competitiveness and reward currency that can be used to purchase special aesthetic PvP related items. Plant a "Pwned" flag on a player you just killed's corpse, or equip an item that has a chance to explode your opponents corpse when you defeat them. Available games are Capture the Flag (CTF), Free For All (FFA), 1v1, 2v2, and Automated 1v1 Tournaments.

Defend cities from monster invasions to be rewarded Event Tokens that can be used to purchase PvM aesthetics! Gather your friends and steel yourselves to defend against massive multi-wave invasions that take place every week with awesome prizes.

Completely Player Driven Economy

Boats, Armor, Weapons, Potions, Furniture, Tools, Master Scrolls, and Slayers are all craftable and resources can not be purchased through in game vendors. Ultima Shards throws an emphasis on economy. Players can Collect items, craft goods, and offer their goods for sale on Discord (via our item-sharing addition), in game, and even on vendors that can sell your items for you that can be placed at your house.

Bonus Instanced Dungeons

While we still have the normal dungeons, we do also carry optional "Raid" style dungeons that players can organize and attempt dropping special aesthetic and decorative loot, as well as bonus drop rates. These dungeons have a timer to complete and have a multi-day lockout period before being attempted again.

Improved Crafting And Resource Gathering

We have customized the Crafting UI to be much more intuitive, visually appealing, and easier to use. Some items can be crafted multiple amounts at a time. Whenever a player crafts an item, they can preview what the item will look like as well! We have included an Anti-AFK Resource Gathering Game to prevent automation. This means, the crafting economy will stay relevant, resource gatherers will have a large part in the economy, and crafting resources will always be in high demand. Furthermore, all resources have been removed from NPC vendors including Ingots, Wood, Leather, Cloth, and Wool. Players will have to farm their own resources.

Character and House Customization

Having ventured forth through dungeons to slay monsters and collect their gold, or crafting goods to sell to players, you will be able to place your own house and live in the world. Your house is an extension of your character. Design it how you see fit. From plots of land to majestic castles, to farmhouses and villas, your home is completely customizable. Players are provided thousands of tiles to place to make their home their your own. Have a knack for designing houses? Players can even sell designs of their homes so that other players whom have less design skills but maybe some extra gold in their pocket to pay you for your services.

Referral System For Streamers!

For those of who like to stream their video game experience, we have created an in game referral process that will reward you with IRL $ or in game currency! Simply open our referral menu, and leave it in the corner somewhere while your playing and streaming so players can see your code, or write down your code and put it somewhere on your stream, and get people to play! Those that you refer also receive bonuses that help them progress and skillgain quicker!

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