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Thread: How do you envision yourself when you play?

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    How do you envision yourself when you play?

    Is your Orc a LOTR type? Like gnarled skin and thinner. Or maybe a WOW Orc all burly and big. Tusks yes or no? Describe how you feel your Orc is. Have you found a picture that you have related to you Orc?

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    Warcouncil Burz'Ro's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Urkala (Orc Fort)

    This is Burz:

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

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    Grunt Muguk's Avatar
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    Mi everiwer!!!

    Muguk is a warrior of medium build with a stocky frame, battle scarred, and would wear decorative items made from bits of bone and fur from what he's killed. He's fiercely aggressive against all enemies, and takes great joy in killing anything he can that isn't his brethren. Muguk will give his all for the greater good of the clan.

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