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Thread: Blah'n skah wiff Intropee

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    Blah'n skah wiff Intropee

    I promised GrKig I would put this up. This is just some UOR IRC banter after GrKig and I killed Entropy. At the time I thought he was just some newbish guy that was farming/training around the Fort. Apparently you guys had killed him the night before so he was just looking to fight. He found it, but he lost. I was actually going to just try and find the guy on IRC and give him his crap back since I dont really need it.

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    LMFA burns on burns on burns. I hope this guys comes back around . hahaha.
    Nok'Tor De Mytee, Fizt Ub De Wargod

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    Mi everiwer!!!

    Dat panzee am nubhosh gratch. Mi peepin forwurd ta kraken heem skuhl uhgen *sneers*

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