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    PvP Klompurz
    Maugoth (Highest)
    Kur (Lowest)

    PvP Mojoz
    Mojoka (Equivalent to Graturk)
    Mojokii (Equivalent to Maubur)

    Hutark (rankless)

    Makur (rankless)

    Equipment and Speech Color

    (The following list references Shum (Paths), which are described here: **COMING SOON**)

    Speech color examples are found here:

    Maugoth = Red speech, Short boots. Shum-colored sash. Platemail arms and gloves. Clan colored cape.
    Graturk and Mojoka = Blue speech. Short boots. Path colored sash. Platemail arms.
    Mauruk = Grey speech. Thigh boots. Shum-colored sash.
    Maubur and Mojokii = Green speech. Thigh boots.
    Kur = Yellow speech. Thigh boots.
    Hutark and Makur = Orange speech.

    Mojo and Hutark are allowed Shum- or Clan-colored robes, boots, sandals, and tribal masks.

    Hutark or Makur that have aspect-colored gear may dye their footwear to match their aspect color.

    Boot color for all ranks is the Clan color:

    The only exception is for orcs with GM Stealth, which use the Lakog Shum color for their boots:

    Where Do These Names Come From?

    We have used this website extensively for the past 20 years to figure out black speech words:

    Graturk means leader. These orcs are bold and fierce in battle. They understand orcish tactics, and traditions, and they lead the clan on raids.

    Mau- as a prefix means war.

    -ruk comes from Uruk, meaning soldier. Combined, “Mauruk” then means soldier of war. These are the bulk of the Orcish War Machine and many fledgling leaders are among them.

    -bur means heavy. The Maubur are considered a heavy weapon wielded by the Bloodgod--they are slow, yet destructive. They have proven their worth and are the rank-and-file of the clan.

    Kur means worthless, originally derived from the human word “cur”. Orcs have found it befitting to use an oomie insult for the lowest rank orcs. However, orcs have co-opted the word and twisted it to mean a creature worth training, but only barely. Kur must prove their worth to remain in the clan.

    Rank Descriptions
    Klompurz (Melee and Ranged)
    • Kur (Entry level recruits)
    With acceptance into Bloodclan comes the rank of Kur. These Orcs represent the unforged potential of the horde. Knowing only basic Orcish language and little to no Orcish tactics, these Orcs should be focusing on learning. More often than not, (and to the clan's frustration) they can be found drooling over human corpses and yearning for more blood. This usually results in correctional training that helps the clan and discourages a Kur from undesired actions.

    • Maubur (Full members)
    If Kur are untrained children in the clan, then Maubur are freshly blooded young adults. To become a Maubur an orc must attain the basic training brands and be nearly fluent in the language. This rank is intended to be obtained within a few days of diligent activity and learning by new members.

    • Mauruk (Experienced members)
    Having mastered the basics, a Maubur goes on to begin the difficult task of distinguishing themselves from their peers in the clan as those with tactical experience and initiative. Those fledgling Maubur that inspire their fellow orcs, show dedication, and exhibit maturity will be spotted for promotion quests. The Mauruk will be able to train new recruits, lead defenses, and conduct patrols in the absence of Graturk.

    • Graturk (Leaders)
    Exerting authority and influence, the Graturk is seen as an able leader. These orcs can be recognized by name and command style. They are responsbile for leading large-scale raids, fort defenses, bootcamps, and instilling discipline in their underlings. Epitomizing the model orcish warrior, they wield the Klompurz as a personal weapon in the name of Bloodclan!

    • Maugoth
    A mighty Orc that has clawed their way to the top of the Orcish food chain, albeit only temporarily. The Maugoth is chosen by the Bloodgod to lead the clan in the everlasting struggle against humanity. The Maugoth's presence on the battlefield inspires the horde and strikes terror into its enemies. While some Orcs whisper that politics are the true decider of the next Maugoth, none question their experience and command during the heat of warfare. Those that do receive a personal invitation to the Bloodgod's realm.

    Mojoz (Mages)
    • Mojokii (New Mage Orcs must have attained Mauruk rank on their Klompur character)
    All Orcs possess a bit of the Bloodgod's essence within and wield it in various ways. Warriors use it to empower themselves and others during melee combat. A Mojokii is just realizing that their power can be used to create devastating magical attacks and illusions. These orcs can often be seen spinning small fireballs in practice or felling beasts with unfocused mental blasts of energy.
    • Mojoka (Leader Mages)
    The feared magic users of the clan, these strange Orcs are able to channel the energy of the Bloodgod into mystical powers used to combat the oomie menace. A Mojoka has mastered the arts of weaving their internal forces into spells that benefit the clan or destroy any foolish enough to try and stop them. A war party without a Mojoka is akin to a human legion without quartermasters and catapults.

    Hutark (Hunter)
    • Hutark
    The monster slayers of the clan, Hutark are a blue PvM orc class. They are rankless and do not participate in the clan's war functions. Freed from skill restrictions, they can attune themselves in the pursuit of hunting the many beasts that inhabit the world. They seek out gold for the various orcish projects underway and conduct trade business in pursuit of further gains. To make a Hutark one must have a main Klompur orc already within the clan at any rank.

    Makur (Crafter)
    • Makur
    The Orcish horde requires a constant supply of war materials. Makur forge wicked blades, brew deadly poison, and repair war-torn armor, among many other trades. Some Makur trick humans into buying overpriced junk looted from their fellow humans. Makur are tireless in clearing forests, digging mines, and re-purposing looted equipment into useful orcish armament.

    A Note on Pluralization

    You don’t need to add an “s” or “z” to talk about more than one orc in a particular rank. For example, ash graturk--dub graturk. Think of it like the word “samurai”. You would say three samurai, not three samurais.
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    OP updated with new rank names!
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