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Thread: Plan on making this event!!!

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    Plan on making this event!!!


    I believe this guy has done these in the past and they are well organized, park your Orc or oomies there and gain resist. Grab some bandages and you can gain healing too, though you don't need to heal through the spells. In past events like this it took the bulk of this time to actually gm resist with a new toon.

    I thought about donating some shineez towards this in the name of the Bloodgod and offering our services in taking the lives of the participants outside, but that would be a ton of counts and a lot of stat loss time to burn off though we could take stat loss and hop in and gain the resist we lost haha. As far as shineez, they have a ton of gold already donated and I don't have as much to give as some of the others.


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    Player Run Resist Sessions are a great way to benefit the shard. The last one that was held, bloodclan (via muguk) donated 20 platinum coins, 5k cooked fish steaks and 10k bandages. I think with events like this, those that run them appreciate anything that can be used to help it out. They are definetly worth going to.As for getting dead, there's usually an order guard or other spawn placed so it will ghost players so they can enter the event.

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