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Thread: Orcish Bows

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    Orcish Bows

    Orcish bows are present on UO:Renaissance, they drop off orc scouts in the orc cave, and at the Yew Orc Fort, they are black, and look very badass. The drop rate is a 10% chance. There's 3 at the Yew Orc Fort.

    The properties of the Orcish Bow is you have an extended range of 12 tiles, that's 2 tiles more than a traditional bow, and 2 tiles more than the farthest reaching magery spells. The downside to the Orcish bow is it takes 2 arrows per shot, and in my opinion the positive attributes outweigh the negative.

    Archery also seems to be a dominating weapon skill here, it hits extremely hard and a group of well regulated cross healing archer orcs would be a very strong WMD.
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    There was, and maby still is the ability to shoot those bows while on the run although I have not tested it latley. On a side note eeven though we do not need them now, Orcish Kin Masks were also a rare drop and are always cool to have for any orcish hutt.

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    On this server there is a way to do a running shot with any bow. I forgot the way to do this though.

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