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Thread: I miss UO...

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    I miss UO...

    Once a junkie always a junkie...

    So UOAC is going belly up.
    UOSA is dead now. (which I thought was a pretty cool server)
    UOF still have a bad taste.
    Hybrid...dont think that is an option, I have lost everything 3 -5 times and I hate the purple potions and the lack of economy. It is dead as well.
    I looked at JoinUO.
    UO Renaissance seems to have a big player base...
    World of Sosaria has a HUGE player base compared to what we are used to (1100 people) but it is Russian...

    So I dont know where to get my fix...Hell, even if I do light pvp and some treasure hunting that might cure my UO thirst...

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    Aya..... Can you imagine the havoc we could create if we made orcs on a Russian server? Speaking orcish to Russians!! LMAO!

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    I bet russians SUCK at pvp, and it would be a fresh take on the game, orcs shouldn't speak with humans anyhow. I also highly doubt russians know our tactics, the russian server actually sounds appealing...hmm

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    Admin wiff fleas Kurg'Grat's Avatar
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    Haha! Comrade Kurg'Grat! Yub'Da

    And on da H muun da Bluudgod blah...Led der be Howlurz!

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    GrKig and I are trying to load it. I will report back once we figure it out. Might be fun.

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    I got an account registered, just ran to the fort in Felucia, there's not really a trammel i think it's just a newbie training area. It's AOS and more i think

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    Warcouncil Xugagug's Avatar
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    It's Turkish and AoS


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    I'm unfamiliar with anything beyond UO:R. Kind of disappointed it's AoS.

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    That UO: Renaissance server looks promising, very clean version of UO. Shadowclan has 3 huts at the fort, an oomie has a castle in the clearing.

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    AoS? What does that entail? I can never keep track?

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