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Thread: I miss UO...

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    Oh and UO Ren. I believe Bloodrock are on there heavily.

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    ill play anywhere if we picked a server

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    The whole UOAC situation it just shit, after all the hard work we put into it, and I had been restocking us to be prepared for when activity picks back up. So all of that down the drain. I just don't have it in me to restart there and go through the terrible skill gain process again. We were super rich too but without Burz or Yog around no way we could recreate our wealth. I just don't see UOAC doing well after this wipe, I think the pop has already been quite low for a while too. After IPY2, and UOAC1, why do this for a third time when the result is probably going to be the same as the last two shards.

    I think I checked out UO Ren before, and I think it's a no bola shard like UOF. It's just a shame but Hybrid is the only place we ever really fit in, but there's no substance to the shard.

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    Yah, the skill gain is so damned slow on uoac, no call for it in this day and age imo, except for crafting skills of course. But to work a combat char for a month or so and still not be 7x....

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    I'm fairly certain UO:R has bolas, that's the era they were introduced, I.E when Orc Scouts(which are at the fort), and Savages were introduced to UO, it's one thing I vividly remember about OSI. I'll read up on the website though.

    Edit: Just read up on it, apparently the admins want to code it so that bolas are faction items, I think we would be ok without bolas. It's all about paralyzing blows, archery, macing, boxes, orc tactics. I never really used bolas throughout my orc career on Hybrid.
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    UO: Renaissance definitely looks the most promising. I'm going to start skilling an orc there.

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    We definitely felt the sting of no bolas on UOF, the nature of our pvp options has been changing a lot these past few years, and we have been getting embroiled into a lot of field fights.

    We even allowed mounts on UOF near the end
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    The one problem with uo ren. That might effect us is that they have no mount fatigue. Oh, and I realized I am almost as bad at mojo as I am at dexing.

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    UO: Ren..... Ummmmm wtf alarm.

    I made my standard first char (Gr'Gubbug) only to discover to my horror that if you hide you cannot dbl click a shovel for 10 seconds, also there is a 1 second delay inbetween digs, hiding and mining go hand in hand, couple that 10 second delay with the dig delay and use your imagination as to what I said to the computer screen. Lets just say the thing has lost its innocence and leave it at that...

    This angry, and it only took 30 mins, does not bode well for me.

    Mojos and combat types should check for unusual delays in regards to your skills, something tells me there are other shitty surprises to be found.

    I do not get a warm fuzzy with UO: Ren


    ALSO from the faq...

    runebooks are not blessed. They will drop to your corpse if you happen to die with one on your person. However, runebooks may be blessed via the platinum system for a price of 250 platinum. In order to bless a runebook using platinum you must page a member of the staff team & have them bless it for you.


    •What type of murder system is in place? Are there short & long term counts? Is there stat-loss for reds?

    The short & long term murder counts are in effect on Renaissance. Murderers who resurrect with 5 or greater short-term murder counts will receive stat-loss. The amount of skills & stats lost upon resurrection is scaled to the amount of short-term murders the player has. The maximum amount of stat-loss that can occur is 15%. Murderer stat-loss is permanent.

    •How long does it take for murder counts to decay? Do they decay while i'm logged off?

    Short-term murder counts decay in 8 hours. Long-term murder counts decay in 40 hours. Murder counts only decay while the character is logged into the game-world.


    I have made a couple chars and am working hide but no other skills at the moment.
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    Statloss is pretty discouraging too bad UOGamers: Revelation fell apart, that was a great server in the beginning.

    Fuck going back to Hybrid...grrr

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