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Thread: alone in the desert

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    alone in the desert

    this is the quietest ive seen these forums real sad

    I want to see us gaming again! UO looks finally dead and seems the community has moved on to more advanced games or mmos... I'd like to see a free shard develop that can compete but not sure if possible to draw the same numbers like the good old days.

    this game Warframe took me by surprise i thought it was a shitty pay to win fps but it's not... you can get everything with ingame credits if u desire... it's the best free to play game out in my opinion.. It can be played solo or in a group of 4 (not sure if more for pvp) also if you start a clan you dont need 1000 clan members to compete... you can form a ghost squad of 10 members and kick ass.. I don't know how clans and pvp totally work im a noob but you fight over planets for resources so you get to build more weps and gear. I been playing it on ps4 let me know if u play my name is JediPoker85 add me

    I played a little of Assassins creed black flag the game is fun but thats all i been playing.

    the main reason for my post is to see if we could get playing something... so everyone post what they are playing to see if we can spark a light and dust off the cobb webs.
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    Still kicking it on An Corp. Shadowclan started back up and took over Cove

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    Warcouncil Gnoth's Avatar
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    Apr 2011

    I want to try to get us active on UOAC but I'm a slave to these apartment buildings I work at :[

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    id love to see us active on any game even uoac but I still think its important to expand our terroritory beyond just UO even SC plays other games besides uo like ESO and a few other games.
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    Admin wiff fleas Kurg'Grat's Avatar
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    I hardly have time to play anything anymore. I even spent all this cash on a ps4 and games and never use it. Not to mention my ph has burned out pretty bad. Takes 2-9 restarts to get it to stay on and not blue screen :/

    And on da H muun da Bluudgod blah...Led der be Howlurz!

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    Have you checked your power supply or monitor? My screen use to do the same thing and it was just an old monitor issue.

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    Warcouncil Xugagug's Avatar
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    Tip I accepted your invite on the PSN. Im going to download Warframe ASAP.

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    Was thinking about you guys the other day, I miss everything about bloodclan.

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    Whoa, hiyas Zak.

    Actually looking forward to the uoac wipe/restart, although it will be a bitch starting from scratch, better have plants this time around... *kicks*
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    Wait, what? They are wiping UOAC?

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