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Thread: alone in the desert

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    Jun 2011

    After months of wasting time just to gain skill on uoac... count me out on that one. That is insane! SKAH!

    I will still be playing Hybrid, which has become more active the last couple months. If anyone wants to join me there I will be logging into chat/pidgen more, msg me.
    I checked out that shroud of the avatar game as well, looks interesting I am definitely up to try that when it is released!
    <img src="https://ibb.co/h62r36">

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    Feb 2011

    Does anyone know the date on UOAC restart? I might become active again if everyone else is playing there

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    Last live day is July 30th I think and maybe a couple months to relaunch. Rel, care to be specific?

    Yah Aya, *poof* oh well.

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    Wow, I feel bad for Rel. I need to get in touch with him, so Rel read me!!! PM me...lol

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