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Thread: Shards Online.

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    Shards Online.


    Right now running a kickstarter campaign to get off the ground but do some research they have a lot of UO ties and various other games. Looks to be the next best thing to UO (unlike sota) what yah think?

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    I was just looking at this game last night. Still needs some work but i'm excited to see how it develops moving foward.

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    looks badass i wanna play it I like how u can mod it

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    Just wanted to bump this to say that even though it's still in Beta, Shards (now Legends of Aria for some stupid reason) is allowing custom servers with custom content. There are a couple out there that I am told are 100% recreations of classic UO. I haven't played them because I'm waiting for the Steam release, as they make you redownload the entire client to patch right now.

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    Hey Grognak, nice to see you I think Nok'Tor was talking about this game recently, too.
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    Looks a bit derpy but could be fun given the UO style mechanics.

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