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Thread: Orc RP in the news

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    Orc RP in the news

    Shadowclan interview,

    Our first group of orcs call themselves Shadowclan, and they have a long history. Shadowclan orcs have a broader perspective, and cross many realms in order to role play.

    Shadowclan began in 1997 in Ultima Online with a handful of players on the Great Lakes Shard, deciding to take the place of AI monsters that had limited responses in words and actions. They established rules and Clan structure, some language, which they call ‘blah’, and Tribes within the Clan. Orcs are to remain in character, respect other players, blend into the adventure’s storyline and background as much as possible, and above all have fun, without ruining the fun of other players.

    Shadowclan currently has members in World of Warcraft, in Star Wars: The Old Republic (as Sith), and in Warhammer Online. They are looking at having a presence in Elder Scrolls Online, Shroud of the Avatar, and very likely many other future prospects. Shadowclan has a presence on Twitter, and they also have a wiki.

    If you encounter Shadowclan, know that while they play respectfully, they are ‘monsters,’ and they do attack. Tribute may hold off an attack, but not forever, so unless you are attempting to fight them, it’s best to keep moving until you get out of their territory. However, if you’re looking for some fun to add to your adventure, and you are willing to engage in combat, seek out some Shadowclan players.

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    cool thanks for posting Pa'Okie

    SOTA looks even more stupid "what does the clan do when Richard Garriott says there are no orcs in New Britannia? " how could richard not realize orcs were a main reason for uo's success?

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