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Thread: Das Tal

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    Das Tal

    I got this in my email:

    Hello Orcs!

    I am part of a small indie dev team working on a sandbox MMO pre-alpha title currently named 'Das Tal'. We are just reaching out to various clans and Guilds who play similar games in the hopes of having a larger audience as we move into the later stages of development. Would be really great if we had some orcs reading our newsletters of dropping in to check our blogs every now and then.

    I will leave you with a couple of links so you can just take a quick look if you like, but if you would like a bit of a better look at the game, it is my sole purpose to communicate with the gaming community, so simply send me an email and I can jump in game with you guys for a quick game session or jump in teamspeak or vent if you would like a bit of a personal rundown on the game.

    A link to out small website that has some past development info and hosts our latest prototype:

    Thanks for your time, really appreciate it and hope you like what we have going so far,

    Orcish regards,

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

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    Dunno what to make of it tbh...

    Is it this??? http://combat-prototype.tumblr.com/home It looks like something for my VIC20...

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    looks kinda cool actually. reminds me of a game called realm of the mad god.
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    Realm of the Mad God is really good.

    This game seems promising. We could help em out.

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