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Thread: Good times till gm ruined it

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    Good times till gm ruined it

    Great raiding tonight. Gm Chubbs made a poor choice i voiced concern about on the uog rp forums if u want to check out. Don't have the link cause I'm posting this on phone. Anyways was a great night until the end

    And on da H muun da Bluudgod blah...Led der be Howlurz!

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    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

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    No kidding, he could have given us a moment to gate to a different crypt... teleported us to a different crypt, teleported us to the orc fort, or generally ANYWHERE THAT WE HAD A CHANCE.

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    Well This is one of many reason we dont play gamers anymore. I wasnt there but it still grins my gears. Sorry bout the bad luck guys

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    They did make up for it saturday by telling the shard to come fight us twice and hooking us up during server wars

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