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Thread: Requiem 2

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    Requiem 2


    It will launch this Wednesday, December 4th!

    Check out some of their short videos at the bottom of this page: http://www.13thrones.com/?page_id=61

    It is a roleplaying shard with a survival-horror theme and highly customized map, items, magic, crafting, combat, etc. There is real perma-death possibilities from both PvP and PvM. Unfortunately, there aren't orcs, but in the past we've played together as humans. Some of the best and most fun times I have had playing UO were on Requiem 1. I helped a bit with their map.

    There is a character application you can fill out; let me know if you're interested in playing! I know several members are stoked about it.
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    im willing to try it i had fun with the past servers

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    got a small crew ready for launch.
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    requiem 2 is going well we have 4 members so far in the blood family, if anyone needs help writing a background for it let me know.

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