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Thread: Ug fuglies...

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    Ug fuglies...

    Glub'Glub sent me an email booty call so I thought I would check in and see where everyone is playing now. Glad to see the clan back and active!

    Pru da Pritti

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    Warcouncil Burz'Ro's Avatar
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    Urkala (Orc Fort)

    Hey Pru!

    In Por Ylem 3 www.inporylem.com is going to launch in December.
    Pros: Very high server population expected, probably several RP guilds, no mounts.
    Cons: Default map is too big, red stat loss when killed by a paladin.

    Requiem 2 www.13thrones.com is also going to launch in December.
    Pros: RP focused server, extreme customization in every aspect of the game (more than anything I've seen anywhere!), small map means more player interaction, possibility of perma-death in certain situations.
    Cons: Only a medium server population expected, and some people don't like RP-only servers.

    UO Forever www.uoforever.com has been open for a while now.
    Pros: Decent server population.
    Cons: Oversized map, mounts but no bolas, temporary stat loss for murderers, population is in decline.

    *All opinions above are my own, but I like to think they are shared among most members.
    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

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    It's been a long time Pru, welcome back.

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    Count me in on Requiem. I had a GREAT time on thier last server until our group petered out. And thanks Zak.

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    ug der pru !

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    Hey pru, good to see you again since grimm xD

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    Warcouncil Nok'Tor's Avatar
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    Statloss ? ...

    Nice to see you Pru. Im deff gonna be in req2 and i think we all should be together. check out other threads for my ideas. HOOOOWAH BLOODCLAN!
    Nok'Tor De Mytee, Fizt Ub De Wargod

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