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    Clan Rules

    General Rules

    • The orders of a higher rank are ALWAYS to be obeyed, no questions asked. If any Orc refuses to obey the order, all other Orcs present are to aid the higher ranking Orc in the execution and putting the stubborn Orc in their place.
    • Ranks of Graturk and/or higher are not to dispute or negate each others orders.
    • Be friendly to fellow members out-of-game. If you can't get along, then you'll be looking for a different group to play with.
    • Before an Orc is promoted to Maubur, they must know our customs and our language. All Orcs start as a Kur and work their way up the ladder through Orcish RP, knowing the rules, following orders and in general having the ability to be called "a good Orc." See the list of ranks by clicking here.

    Dress Code
    • Orcs are NOT allowed to wear bone helm or tunic. Bone arms, gloves, and leggings are okay (undyed).
    • Orcs are NOT allowed to wear platemail armor of any kind except for plate arms and gorgets for Graturk.
    • Orcs are NOT allowed to wear chainmail armor of any kind.
    • Orcs may wear any ringmail and leather armor.
    • Kur, Maubur, and Mauruk may only wear thigh boots for footwear.
    • Only tribal leaders may wear sashes.
    • Only Graturk and Mojoka may wear short boots.
    • Orcs may only wear Orcish Kin Masks and Orc Helms for head gear.
    • Orc helms may NOT be dyed any color (except for certain tribe ceremonies where express permission has been granted by the warcouncil).
    • Mojokii and Mojoka may wear tribal masks, robes and sandals.
    • Makur and Mojoka may wear half aprons.
    • No other human clothes whatsoever are to be worn.
    • When battling humans (usually in Fort Defense mode), all Orcs are required to have on Orcish Kin Masks to prevent distraction and clogging of vital entrances by NPC orcs (shardies).
    • All weapons are allowed to be used EXCEPT for the following: Halberds, Long Swords, Broad Swords, Katanas, and Hammer Picks.

    Class Rules

    • All Klompurz (melee and ranged orcs) are required to have the following skills: Anatomy, Healing, Hiding, and Tactics.
    • Magic Resist and Archery are strongly encouraged, but not required.
    • Using magery, scrolls, mounts, or runebooks is prohibited for Klompurz.
    • Only those Orcs with the Mauruk rank or above are allowed to create a Mojokii or Mojoka.
    • Mojoz may only use staves for weapons.
    • Mojokii are encouraged to focus on healing, curing, dispelling, gating, and trapping. Once defensive group tactics are mastered, then they can add in offensive spells.
    • Only those Orcs with the Kur rank or above are allowed to create a Makur.
    • Makur and Hutark are the only Orcs that may use mounts (only beetles, ostards, and wolves).
    • Makur may only use beneficial and travel magic such as heal, greater heal, cure, mark, and recall.
    • Makur are not allowed to go red or engage in combat.

    Klompin Rules

    Rules of Engagement
    • Before engaging in any form of PvP, all Orcs (regardless of rank or relationship status with said enemy), are required to ask for tribute UNLESS said enemy is listed on our Kill-On-Sight list, has initiated combat, or is inside the Fort. (The exception to this rule is when the clan is out on raids seeking blood).
    • If the enemy player tries to attack, run, or does not respond to the "tribute" demand, they are allowed to be attacked.
    • If the enemy player pays a decent tribute, they are allowed to LEAVE, but not STAY and hang around the fort. After they have paid up, they should be herded away. If the enemy player stays for more than a minute or so, they are allowed to be attacked after they have been giving some form of warning that the "tribute" only allows them to pass through our lands alive, not stay in our lands.
    • The highest ranking Orc present gets to pick out the loot he wants first, and may delegate a lower ranking Orc to do the looting.
    • When looting human players, the only things Orcs are allowed to loot are the following: Any weapons, bandages, reagents, ammunition, potions, empty bags, resources, gold, platinum, and Orcish armor. If you're not allowed to wear the armor, leave it behind. No dry-looting.
    • If possible, stow a recruitment book inside the victim's corpse.

    Communication Rules

    Use the following speech color for In-Game blah, following the progression of ranks from lowest to highest:
    • Orange for Makur (lowest rank in game)
    • Yellow for Kur
    • Green for Maubur/Mojokii
    • Grey for Mauruk
    • Blue for Graturk/Mojoka
    • Red for Maugoth (highest rank in game)

    Guild Chat
    • Stay in Character when talking in Guild Chat!
    • Do not use guild chat for punishments, debates, or complaints.
    • Guild chat will only be used for clan coordination and communication to help orc tactics, fort defense and answer questions for new recruits.
    • If you have a complaint or concern about the clan or other orcs, direct them to these forums or IRC.

    • Breaking small rules will result in small punishments for first time offenses such as collecting several hundred of a resource or running 10 laps.
    • Second time offenses on common rules, or first time offenses on stricter rules will result in firmer punishments such as gathering several thousand of a resource and/or laps or another additional restriction.
    • Third time offenses on common rules, second time offenses on stricter rules, and first time offenses on core rules will result in gathering of bulk amounts of resources and/or DEMOTION.
    • Fourth time offenses on common rules, third time offenses on stricter rules, and second time offenses on core rules will result in removal from the clan.
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