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Thread: So what's going on?

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    Nubgashmeh joined up with us on angel Island a while back, I cant speak on the orcs of IPY2 but he was a solid orc, great Role player, and a good contributor. he never officially Joined BC however due to the fact that we had alot of orcs from tons of different clans (boulderfist,Shadowclan, Bloodclan, ect.)

    we are active on hybrid and if you get in irc you will usually find at least a few orcs to hop on and clomp with you. I have also found that if we swap contact info (aim,icq,yahoo,ect.) its alot easier to get a large group up and raiding. HOOOWAH BLOODCLAN!

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    Just to let you guys know, we started Severed Heads Orks on IPY, after 4 days we have 10 players on the stone, most of which are new to RP altogether.

    We will ROE with Yew and some other RP guilds there, and will stay blue. We are already having lots of fun demanding for tribute even without the need to kill blues outright. We're combining Europa clan setup and blah with shadowclan. Interesting times for IPY RPers ahead!

    I know Bloodclan isn't really interested in reviving their IPY branch. But anyone who wants to RP an orc, come join us at the fort!
    Also, if the guys who own houses near the fort on IPY would be able to sell or move those houses, we'd really appreciate it.

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