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Thread: Zel'Tak, The Mojo of Shadow

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    Zel'Tak, The Mojo of Shadow

    "Lat Ziztur bekaym ah Grunt. How dat makr lat feel, Zel'Tak?" Zel's shrouded assailant growled at her. She felt his curved hook bite into her flesh, drawing blood. Zel said nothing. He was just trying to get a rise out of her. Long ago she had abandoned all hope of seeing her sister again. Their paths had taken nearly polar opposites. When they were both still little, Zel had been singled out by one of the Elder Mojokas. The spark of mojo lived inside of Zel, something that happened one in every six hundred orcs. They had taken her away while her and Rel had just been cubs. It had been darkness and despair for Zel since. She felt happy that Rel had gone on to become a bubosh Grunt, but Zel knew she would die in this dungeon before ever being able to express that joy.

    The blade bit in a bit more deeply causing Zel to cry out. "Me BLAH how dat makr LAT feel!" Zel lat her mind wander. She had been through this game before. She tried to distract her mind from the pain. Lately though, there had been something else wandering around her mind. If she closed her eyes, she could almost make out a film of darkness that seemed to surround her in an aura.

    She would reach out for this darkness, but it was like water, elusive and always just managed to slip from her grasp. She reached for it this time, but as usual she came up empty handed.

    The blade bit deeper into Zel. "Da Bozz blah dat me kan stard kuttin tingz off now. Lat want dat? Lat want me to kut lat fingurz off?" The brutish orc grabbed her paw, ripping his hook from Zel's flesh and singling out her little finger on her left paw. "Diz am guing to hurd, bud id uki. Me makr shuur id go to da howlurz. Dem gettyn hungri laytly."

    Zel struggled feebly. She knew there was nothing she could do. She would die in this cave. That was a fact. She just wasn't strong enough to escape. The blade took her finger, slicing into it slowly, sawing it off. Zel screamed and screeched in terror and pain. She reached desperately for that dark film surrounding her. She knew it would protect her. She just had to get a hold on it.

    The film broke as she forced her will on it. The power came pouring into her, sickly and oily. It felt wrong, evil almost. Faint whispering started in her inner ear. Words of power came tumbling to the front of her mind.

    Zel bellowed the first words that came to her. A bright flash of searing hot light illuminated her cell for the first time since she had arrived in that place many years ago. Her assailant froze in his place, shock and awe etched on his face, before his body dissipated.

    Zel lay on her cell floor sobbing. The whispering continued unabated. She couldn't understand what any of it said. She heard footsteps coming down the hall. She tensed herself, expecting the worst. Words of power come pouring from her mind. She held them at check, ready to release them at a moments notice.

    The footsteps stopped outside her cell door. Zel couldn't see who was standing in the archway, but she knew that someone was there. She jumped into action, slamming herself against the door, letting her power come spilling out. Nothing happened. She recoiled, more words coming forth. Again nothing. Fear sprouted a seed inside of Zel. Whatever was standing outside that door was negating her power.

    Zel heard faint laughter coming from outside, soon it turned into a booming crescendo. Her cell door opened, fey light illuminating her cell. Zel got a good look at the figure before her. She was quite surprised when she realized that the newcomer was human.

    "Excellent Zel'Tak. You've finally come into your own. It's a good feeling, isn't it? And you only had to sacrifice your little finger! Well done!" Zel didn't know what to say. The human before was dressed in pitch black clothing. He had a robe, a cloak, boots, and even one of those silly wizard hats that humans are so fond of all blacker than night. He had long fiery hair that graced his shoulders and a blood red beard to boot.

    "Hoo da SKAH am lat?!" Zel was taken aback by this human. He shouldn't be here.

    "Oh me? I am Bharda, First Disciple of the Great One. You might know him as the Buurz'Ash or possibly the Guardian as the Undead are fond to call him." He stated light heartedly.

    "Har da Buurz'Ash? Hem am da God ub da Buurz. Sum dum humie nub gruk eniting bowd em."

    "Alas, I stand by who I am and what I represent." He folded his robes slightly before pressing on. "You have completed your basic Mojoka training. You have tapped into the powers of my Master. The dark aura that now surrounds you is his power coursing around you. You need but call on it at any time you wish. As you have clearly already figured out, its power is chaotic and destructive, use it with some caution."

    Zel was entirely confused. This human shouldn't be lecturing her about Mojokas and Gods. "Diz am sum kind ub trik, yub? Lat shuddn't be heer."

    "And why not my fair damsel? I have personally seen to it that your training was all but perfect. You are ready now to rejoin your clan. Don't worry. They are expecting you."

    Zel'Tak tried to argue, but Bharda clapped his hands and she felt herself sucked up into the void. When her vision refocused, she could see the Orc Fort just to the West of her location. She sat down under a tree, closing her eyes. The skah just happened?

    ((All of my characters are connected within the same world, whether they be human, orc, undead, or what have you. If you'd like to see things from a Yewian perspective and learn more about Bharda and the Great One, please direct yourself to this thread:


    I've been working on that story for quite awhile now and its a pretty long read.))
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    Awezum! Meez reelly lyke tu peek lat skribblez Rel'Tak - hosh jawb!

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    Diz skribbul am zu bubhosh!!! You should write a novel
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    If you guys like this story so much, I highly encourage you to check out the link. I have 50 odd pages of story posted in that link. I just might have to start up an orc side of the story.
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