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Thread: 9/8 Anything but Weapons Raid!

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    9/8 Anything but Weapons Raid!

    Okay, so absolutely none of us like statloss, but it's a thing we have to deal with. Part of dealing with things is putting them into a perspective that suits us.

    For me, that entails being able to laugh a little bit. That's where ABS raids (Anything but weapons) comes in. It's a raid where we expect to die, and are okay with it. It has only one real rule: You use one of the least damaging weapon available for your weapon class.

    The general breakdown goes like this:

    Swords: Skinning knives, cleavers, pickaxes

    Macefighting: Wands, clubs

    Fencing: Fishing poles

    Archery: Use insults! (Please try to switch to another weapon since all bows are good).

    Now, the fact that we killed anyone at all makes me feel happy on the inside about tonight's raid. What I didn't expect though was to be rolled on by so many mages at once in the sewers. At any rate, I am happy to say I was able to not rage when I got stated for once.
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    Well, I'm still blue so I've had yet to be statted. I'd be willing to do it again if we're a little more strategic than just bum-rushing the first oomie we see.

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    Ill do it, Ill just bring my mojo. HOHOHO!

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