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Thread: Making the Recruitment Effort! 8/28/2013

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    Making the Recruitment Effort! 8/28/2013

    Rel'Tak decided that it was time to get the word out about Bloodclan. If she was supposed to become a Grunt some day, then she sure as hell wanted some Pugs and Gruntees to boss around.

    She gathered the materials she would need for the flags and made her dumskah kuzin makr hur ub sum recruitment books.

    And Rel was off! Time to place these flags in high traffic areas.

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    Rel's first stop was Moonglow. She ran into a bit of humie interference, but that was bound to happen.

    Next was Britain! Lots of potential new orcs lay dormant there. And most of them don't even know they are orcs yet!

    HOOWAH! Now we just sit back and wait for all the new kubs to wake up!

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