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Thread: PvM Night! 8/27/2013

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    PvM Night! 8/27/2013

    Tonight started out with few orcs, No Grunts in sight! So Rel'Tak, being such a bubhosh Gruntee decided that she would lead tonights raid. The call went out and slowly they trickled in.

    Gr'Kig suggested that we go to the Orc Caves for the night since there were few of us. Rel saw no fault in his suggestion and to the Caves they ventured!

    With in minutes, we came across one of the Cave Leaders. But no matter what sort of "Leader" it might be, it's still just a shardee! Nothing could stand up to the true blooded orcs of Bloodclan!

    Or so we thought....

    The Shardee Leader demolished our small raiding party, not so much as flinching at our attacks.

    Rel, faced with a tough decision, seemed to be in a bit of a pickle, but then her prayer to the Bloodgod had been answered.

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    Even though we had lost the dedhead Bramos early in the fight, We were able to finally overcome the Shardee Leader through decisive use of our bows and keeping our distance.
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    Eventually we had collected a huge pile of shineez and Rel decided it was time to restock and stash all the loot.

    Krath'Mog had a different idea though!

    After numerous threats from the penned up Gruntees, eventually the Mojoka conceded to their demands and they were set free. The raiding party restocked and regrouped and headed toward a strange crystal dungeon that only Krath'Mog knew about.

    Apparently the humies knew about it too!

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    The party was nearly completely wiped out and the humies were busy picking over our corpses, when the crystal monsters decided they had had enough with the humies meddling.

    Krath'Mog was able to find a fleshur and he gathered us together, making a huul out of that Forsakened cave.

    Restock and regroup at the Rok Hut. This would be our final foray for the night.

    Back to the Orc Caves! Alas, the Shardee Leader was back and angrier than ever!

    Still, a Shardee is still a Shardee, and they are a bunch of dum skah pushdungs. He was easily confused by our amazing teamwork and eventually fell to our arrows.

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    It was a fruitful raiding night and we made off with many shineez and bubhosh tingz. Rulg to all who came out and participated!

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    HOOOOOWAH Bubhosh raydin!

    thanks for stepping up and leading the raid rel. Bubhosh example for the cubbies!
    Nok'Tor De Mytee, Fizt Ub De Wargod

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