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Thread: March 23rd Bloodclan rampage...

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    March 23rd Bloodclan rampage...

    I am not going to write out a RP story...I just do not have the time...I will post up a few screens though.

    Blaine the Gypsy...his taunting got the best of him and a funny screenshot...

    Blaine again...he left after this death...

    Burz and I had a nice two man krimp on this guy...

    We went to the lafferz to break up the monotony of sitting at the IDOC...this brought a bunch of humans out...

    Why did I post a shot of me dead? Cause it is hilarious...I dropped an explosion on this guy and ebolted myself to death...we died at the same exact time...sweet combo huh?

    We had a bit of fun waiting for the IDOC...got some much needed practice in...although I have a bad habit of stone walling innocent trees. Couple of us went red...although I was blue when i logged on this morning. I accidentaly paid off a bounty on a group of 3 scrub reds...he was asking 5k I typed a whole message saying how bad they were and told them to eat skah and die...then I forgot to hit decline offer...oh well

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    the guy from the third screenshot came to the clearing today...he revealed me when I was afk and killed me...then stuck around till i ressed and res killed me about 7 times...I handed out counts and talked crap to him in Orc...he said he was paying us back for taking the idoc lol...I love UO sometimes...people take it way too seriously...
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    Great shots! The 2nd pic is the first time we killed Blaine. Then he came back trying to steal from us over and over like 5 times.

    That third pic is Chop-Chop.

    Yesterday was great fun and I'm glad we control that last house in the clearing! HOOWAH!
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    hehe nice pics

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