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Thread: Gruntee quest: Ku'Flag

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    Gruntee quest: Ku'Flag

    Klomping the competition.

    The Black Skull Orcs (the black shardies in the orc cave) have infiltrated the Orc Cave. They are being compensated by the human scum to recruit all the Orcs into their Clan to try and overthrow the Bloodclan. They are being led by the Orcish Dynamite Expert who is stationed deep within the cave. Your quest is to go to the caves and destroy the infiltrators and their leader. (Kill 10 dark shardies and the Orc Dynamite Expert).

    Make a story about it with screenshots. You can post them in this thread if you like, tell the story in English or a mixture of Orc and english. There will be no mojo involved, you must run from fort to Cave and engage anyone you may pass. You can post
    I know you will do fine Ku'Flag...

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    Hoowah Ku'Flag! Klomp dem Blak Skuhlz!
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    Hooowah hosh luk ku!
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