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Thread: *mounts a howler*

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    *mounts a howler*

    I know it just does'nt sound right but....

    <~Shane> We are about to create Rideable wolf spawns that have the equivelant hit points to a dire wolf
    <~Shane> for all your orc rpers
    <Nekkar> So sick!
    <Ether> sweet shane


    On a sad note, the orc village is going to be deleted, but the existing orc fort may get an addition.
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    rideable wolfs seems awesome but ill bet it will cause a lot of arguments lol maybe only howlers should be able to ride them ;p

    and that sucks about the clearing fort, that thing was great! hope they make a good addition to the fort.

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    Shanes reasoning is that it will make for more housing in our area, I did tell him we liked it and that the orcish healer was nice. It was then that he said the fort may get an addition.

    Correction, shane is already adding to the fort!!!
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    Alright in the absence of bolas, and the fact that mounts are in on UOF we should be able to mount up for Bloodgodz sake the man is creating the mounts specifically for us.

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    I wish the area stayed, with a brute spawn and a puzzle box it gave the humans a reason to come to Orc territory...

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    Agreed, Aya! But alas, it was nub ment tu bi...

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    A Rideable Wolf
    - This wolf is near orc forts, anyone can tame them and ride them. They are about as even in strength as a dire wolf and eat meat as a diet.

    And now we have an attraction for the humans to come to us...we need to lock this spawn down from the beginning...

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    Mountable wolves? Can we have mountable sparkling ponies and beetles too?! *barfs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yog'Ktar View Post
    Mountable wolves? Can we have mountable sparkling ponies and beetles too?! *barfs*
    I can see having them on certain raids, but not every raid.

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    I can see restrictions incoming... xD

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