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Thread: UOF Delay

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    UOF Delay

    UOF launch now scheduled for the 18th which was'nt unexpected and even mentioned as a possible launch date a couple weeks ago.

    I did get this out of Shane though.

    <GrKig> shane just how many people did you say were waiting for launch?
    <~Shane-Office> ill show you an imagine
    <~Shane-Office> www.uoforever.com/files/members.jpg
    <~Shane-Office> just hit 1100 today.
    <~Shane-Office> 380 of those are rel por emails i came in contact with though
    <GrKig> LOL
    <~Shane-Office> so roughly 720 people
    <~Shane-Office> waiting
    <~Shane-Office> for launch
    <~Shane-Office> for the email
    <GrKig> nice
    <GrKig> i thought it was 400 or so
    <GrKig> almost double
    <~Shane-Office> it was a couple weeks ago
    <~Shane-Office> lol
    <GrKig> lol

    Quite a few people waiting for launch if this is accurate.
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