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Thread: we MUST check out this shard!!!!!

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    we MUST check out this shard!!!!!

    It is called uoforever and is about to launch sometime between jan 11-18th and it is currently in open beta. It is a piece of cake to log into, I just used my hybrid client, changed the server addy and port number on razor and logged right on. The shard has a UO:R ruleset it will have modern housing, bulk order deeds etc. Skill gains are decent for warriors but as they wish to keep crafters valuable, the crafting skills are a slow go. Personally, I am loving everything I see so far.


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    It really does look interesting. I ran down to the Yew Orc Fort and the Kleering area was AWESOME!!! They had a maze full of Orc NPCs like Orc healers and Orc Blacksmiths...The maze is perfect for defense with narrow passage ways and traps...really cool...My big issue is the population did not seem to be there...not sure if it is just because it is Beta or whatever...

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    I think it is just because it is Beta, once word of this server gets around it should grow like mad. Even the red death penalty is decent, jail instead of stat loss, and even then jail is a max of 3 days for like 50 murders. It is as if they took the best parts from all of UO and blended them together, I don't mean to sound like a salesman but damn...

    Oh yah, Tip is checking it out. Hey Tippi what do you think 'bout uoforever?

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    Yeah and your counts burn afk, I love it...if the population catches on it should be awesome

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    By afk I mean not logged in haha

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    Looks like it says its UO:R not T2A

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    yes i believe UO:R is accurate...
    at least everyone wont be a hally mage...seriously

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnoth View Post
    Looks like it says its UO:R not T2A

    Oops! that's what I meant, fix't.

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    so I took a few screen shots of the kleering Orc area thing...

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    Pretty cool really...

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