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Thread: we MUST check out this shard!!!!!

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    this shard is gonna rock!

    Just saw that down from the heart shaped piece of land near the fort there is a ruins, the hag is there giving out quests, I rmember doing them from live servers but can't remember where to kill imps at.... I do remember it being fun to some extent and profitable.

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    Heck the best place for the imps then was Illeshnar...here Hythloth? I cannot remember...hag was the best place to farm for high end krysses though...she used to give vanqs out like crazy....hmm that can be another place we can claim.

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    I remembered Aya, found them at the hedge maze.

    Also, I wonder if I m in deep shit with uoforever admin.... I placed a custom house at the fort and it won't delete.... All I get is a system message saying 1 gold piece has been placed in your bank box and to contact a GM to delete the aos house.
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    Bah they will probably give you something since you found a potential bug...

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    Nah, I found it posted already... bleh, hope I did'nt piss them off by placing when it was known "to them" that houses would'nt demolish.

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    I was the one who built that whole town

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