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Thread: not interested anymore

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    not interested anymore

    in Rel Por.

    Think I will do what little bits of gaming I can partake in on UOG Hybrid.

    I enjoyed parts of rel por but in the end there are too many negatives and not enough possitives to keep me interested, especially since being a red is a big part of it for me.

    Just thought i would throw out an fyi.

    And on da H muun da Bluudgod blah...Led der be Howlurz!

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    Kurg, I believe that to be the general consensus. I never thought I would seriously consider playing full time Hybrid again but, when we did our mini raid the other day it was great. I really thought/hoped Rel Por would be great I just do not think it is going to recover, the Pewbies are fading as well. I will play both for the moment, Rel Por only to see if the evil alliance with UND, House Coldiron, ARR is going to be fruitful.

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