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Thread: Why we are orcs.

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    Why we are orcs.

    I wanna know why everyone is an orc! I know I cant log on atm, but my orcish blood will never run dry. I can remember the good times and the bad. I can remember leading raids with 20+ orcs and killing so many humans I couldn't even try to count the death toll.

    Remember what we stand for and remember the good times, lets bring them back!

    For me I am an orc because of the friendships I made. I was recruited by a well known orc named Ace'juk. He might not be that well known anymore but he was when he got me in the Bloodclan. I was in a thief guild with him and he was one of the best role players I have ever know. I loved the tribes we had, it made every orc have their own personality. We need to bring activity back up and remember our roots.

    Please post your storys and tell us why you love being an orc. we will not fall, we will be klomping ommies and drinking cyder till Sed is flat.

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    I am an orc not only because of the friendships I made, I love being a bloodclan orc mostly because of the contrast, where one orc is a lone anarchist, unorganized, blunt and stubborn. But together bloodclan orcs are an efficient and blindfolded killing machine (blindfolded as we are not afraid of losing anything, dying, as long as it's for the greater good of the Blood God) xD


    I also forgot to say that I "wasted" so many nights raiding with you guys, instead of drinking with my friends, or drinking and then playing uo late at night. And those memories are of regret, for not having even more of them.

    I once got very drunk and started talking orcish with my ex-gf and my friends, was a lot of fun, specially because they couldn't understand a single word.
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    I joined the bloodclan because I really really liked the organized chaos and pure crazyness. I mean I will never forget the first time I accidentally ran by the orc fort as a oomie. Some orc asking me for tribute and having absolutely do idea what he was saying. I thought it was just an NPC and then of course I got krimped and klomped. But after seeing the fort defence from the oomie side, and how it was not just a few random people ing around I knew I wanted to be part of it. I am still an orc, for many of the same reasons. But mostly because of the structure and emphasis on discipline. Oh and sure the cool people that I have met from it play a part.

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    well when i was a thief on ipy i would steal rags from orcs as they asked me for tribute ;p then I remembered how fun it was to be an orc on OSI so there was a rap song that was stuck in my head "everrybody in the club getting tipsy" so thats how i came up with the name Tip'Sur. I'm an orc because we are the best guild I really doubt theres another guild with as many cool people we have ;p We're organized and alot of ppl have helped make bloodclan what it is today the best kick ass rp guild ever to exist!! Hoowah!!

    also im am orc because it's fun to harass Sed and Lady Elewynn ;p

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    My very first character on an mmo rpg (UO) was an orc. To me Ultima Online is about Clomping Hummies and getting Tribute. The Orc mindset of Unity, true loyalty, fighting against all odds to survive and win (and maybe a bit of the Blood thirsty savagery) have really made an impact on how i live my life. I have made some great friends. People I feel i can trust and confide in. People I care about. We are a clan in my mind. I know BC will never give up on me. The BC will never let me down. The BCs never gonna run around or desert me. The BC will never make me cry. The BC will never say goodbye. And never ever tell a lie and hurt me.

    I Love you guys. HOOOOWAH BLOODCLAN!

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    My first exposure to the orcs was through Shadowclan on the OSI Catskills shard. I played as an orc with them for about 6 months or so and then quit OSI.

    I joined Hybrid a long time ago (probably 8 years ago now), and fairly soon after playing I noticed an Orc running through Brit--his name was GlubGlub. I partied him, told him I didn't realize shadowclan was here and was interested in becoming an orc again. I always enjoyed the group mentality, the organization, the rules, the structure of being an orc. The lore and history that gets created within the orc clan is so much more than any other guild or clan out there. He mentioned that it was not shadowclan but rather bloodclan and he was starting up a branch here on Hybrid. I joined up that same day, and I believe it was me GlubGlub and only one other Orc...I forget his name now. Those were the good ol' days. We didn't have many rules--and I distinctly remember roaming around on ridgebacks and desert ossies, killing random people. We did that for a few months until I believe other bloodclan orcs moved over from IPY. Then we sort of merged groups, reestablished rules, and started heavy recruiting. From there I sort of fell into my role as pug/gruntee smasher and whipped young orcs into shape.

    I've seen probably close to a thousand different orc names pass through the clan. Sadly, I can't put all my raiding memories with each of them, but there are definitely a lot of orcs that have stuck out in my memory as being real friends. I've known a lot of you 5...6+ years now, and it's been awesome. I'm glad to have been able to be a part of such an awesome group of people.

    Here's to another decade of humie klompin!

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    My first experience with Orcs was on Hybrid in 2004, I was running around all the areas I used to go hunting on OSI as a young kid, the brigand camp, and the orc fort. When I first rolled up on my Blacksmith, Mining, Fencer I thought the red orcs with a guild title were just like the brigand npcs in the fort to the south, I started attacking one outside of the fort, on the east side where the Kasar orc clique had those GM placed huts, thinking to myself wow these npcs are hard, naturally dying being inexperienced in pvp, and UO in general back then. I continued to come back to the fort for about 3 days before realizing the orcs weren't npcs at all when a Kasar orc sent me a party invitation, and told me how to join.

    Without any sort of approval by the Kasar family I made my own Kasar orc: Musar'Kasar, who was promptly forked by Gnarlug the Maugoth after me failing miserably at fort defense and following orders. The next orc I made was named Zezima(dumb name) who was a Mojokii without having a Grunt character, who was also forked by Gnarlug. After the loss of those orcs I made Zak'Zull, just as the clan had started to die, I stayed playing my orc, having little interaction with anyone but Lug the thief over the course of about 2 or 3 months, when the clan came back Lug told everyone about Zak the only active orc, and I was given a Grunt Quest by GlubGlub, having slay the orc brute by myself, after which there was a Grunt ceremony held on the top of the tavern in the shame pass, where I was slain as a Gruntee and resurrected as Grunt. I decided the Bluud Skuhlz tribe was the one for me, made of leaders, and had the best boot color and lore.

    Ever since then I've developed relationships I won't ever forget with various orcs, to name a few:

    Sed'rog(<3), Kurg'Grat, Lug/K'thud, GlubGlub, Sek'Morag, Ru'Glub, Gnarlug, Juk'Da, Grish'nlock, Groshnak, Grognak, Prigka(LOL), Har'drak, Lem'yuk, Lozik, Wirg(of course), Gnoth(unfortunately ), Nok'Tor, Burz'Ro and more

    Having such a long history, I really feel like Bloodclan has in someway shaped who I am today.
    Without Bloodclan I think I'd be just another internet troll.

    I love you guys.

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    Zak and I started out the same way pretty much. I was on my travels when I came across some "orcs" at the orc fort, after leaving the Brigand fort I figured I would kill all these orcs.....I thought they were like the npcs below, ha! I got krimped and one said something I had no idea what it was....and I was klomped. So after coming back a couple times and dieing I left to wonder who these guys were? A few days later I came across two other orcs at the Brit x-roads and one explained to me who they were and how to join. Thats all it took and I was hooked! I made a "Grat" character after reading and seeing that name. I thought it was ok to use a "family" name and used that guy for like 3 days, when some asked if was "kin" to Kurg'Grat and I said.. sure I was, Then Kurg sees me one day and says I need to remake my character, And explained the "Family" name. Azock was my 3rd orc character. From their it took a short time to learn the speech and tactics of the clan. I do have to say, the one orc at the time that helped me along the most was K'Thud, great guy! Snarg told me one day after a boat raid that I did really good and to keep it up and I would move up in the clan...probably within my first year I was given my Grunt quest and had the Grunt ceremony where after I joined the BLoodSkuhlz tribe, I think they had the best lore and the boot color was a plus too! I did a War Boss klomp the first week I was Grunted and ended up winning after some small debate "took my issues to WC" they had a "rematch" between me and Rugorim? where i kicked his ass for cheating the first time around...lol. So here I am some 6+ years later with some of the people I first met and many others along the way that have become great close friends. The tactics, leadership, members and overall clan structure, plus all the Hummies we get to klomp is what brought me here and kept me here! I will never forget my times with everyone in this Clan, Hoowah Bloodclan!

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    I was an orc on GL in the late nineties when I played, cant remember which clan it was, but I got involved in the RP on that shard and its been the most enjoyable part of UO for me.Played for many years but quit sometime after the malas expansion.
    Almost 2 years ago I saw an article somewhere about playing free UO shards, and found Hybrid which was closest to what I thought was the best time of UO, before trammel. So once again my life was consumed by UO over a decade later.

    When running around on my first char I went to checkout the yew fort and was surprised to see many orc huts around. No orcs, but plenty of huts. So I looked up the info, joined the clan, and my orc xurugg was my main char for a long while until things died down after summer. i much prefer playing an orc to a oomie!!! just not a lonely orc

    I like RP, I like PvP, I like the challenge, and bloodclan has a long history and orcish culture. And generally all the orcs and other roleplayers are really good people- especially compared to the normal playerbase. Thats why I am an orc.

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    I remember the 1st time i've seen an UO Orc and that was on Siege Perilous shard, I was a member of the Hun guild and we met orcs on some road in UO. They were so cool with their language and all, but Ive joined orcs in hybrid, in 2004 if im not mistaken (I may be, it was a long time ago). Such great memories, laughing my ass off at every krimp while my family thought I was crazy for it.

    Too bad the clan isnt active like it used to be.

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