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Thread: Reviving the IPY branch

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    Reviving the IPY branch

    Ug der guys
    So I have been coming to the fort on IPY 2 regularly but never seen any orcs there. I see the houses have not been refreshed for a couple weeks. I've noticed that there are two stones there? One Murr'dah klan, and Bluudklan. Who is in charge of the Bluudklan stone? Is there any interest in reviving the clan at all? If so, I would like to get my orc in there. I have spoken with GMs and they will help us with whatever we need, within reason. I am fairly confident I can bring a few recruits as well, and can put RoE's with other RP guilds in place.

    IPY is the best UO shard out there at the minute, no question. So let's get active! The Ice Island orcs are really just PKs with funny names as far as I can tell so let us bring a true roleplaying orc clan back to that server..

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    I am not sure who took over the stone i forget who it was but they joined the other orc guild and abandoned the bc stone when we pretty much left ipy and moved back to hybrid. I tried ipy a solid 2 weeks of my life at launch doing nothing but mule work and got pretty high (almost 90s mining and smith) and it was just too much a beat down and too unfriendly for reds and I could never be anything but red as an orc. I support anyone wanting to go there but imagine most of us who are still kicking around are not really wanting to start up there again. Without there being a known, well established and trusted orc willing to lead the branch I dont forsee us approving the use of the BC name although obviously we cant police what other people do on other shards but in regards to resources and site use it would need a senior orc willing to go over and petition for reopening that branch to make it official. my 2 cents

    And on da H muun da Bluudgod blah...Led der be Howlurz!

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