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Thread: Sudonokavlek; Okay, now this is just ridiclous

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    Sudonokavlek; Okay, now this is just ridiclous

    You better ask your doctor for a prescription for this shit, because it cannot be legal.

    So, firstly, the oomie with the house in the clearing isn't too bright. I'm glad to see that orcish diplomacy is still alive and well.

    So, like yesterday, but we had a special guest: Nok!

    Seems the only place one can get any action that is of the non-guard-wacky kind is in Minoc.
    They came into the cave, four against one, and, as soon as one got low health, they all started healing him. We'd target someone else, they'd do the same thing with the new guy. Rinse repeat. No one died. I know, I was sad, too. Get on, and we'll get them next time.
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    We are picking back up, feels good to be out there putting the fear in ommies hearts. The guys in Minco are gimps, they wouldnt come inside the cave out the guard zone till there was about 5 of em. We red lined 2 and they ran I gated us out. Good times are making a come back!!!

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