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Thread: YEW Shrine Raid Story Review and Comments/Advice.

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    Siege of Yew's Shrine -- Enter at Your Own Peril

    The borders of Bloodclan territory having been scouted, kult'dush made his way stealthily through the woods towards the fort. Upon coming to the clearing he began to hear the familiar clangs of steel smashing against ringmail, feeling the tensions and energies of a fight. He focused his senses on the battle at hand and instinctively understood the situation. This was singular combat. That much he could tell. The testing of weapons and armor prior to a raid as he could hear them back their attacks off one another in a non lethal manner. Behind him pugs hunted and killed what they could to supply resources for the horde. From across the way he took note of the sounds of fellow orcs restocking their supplies and preparing for war at the hut. kult'dush's skin then immediately rippled with large bumps as his adrenaline began to kick in, building excitement inside of him. He could sense the coming blood for The Bloodgod. The tension and energy was palpable.

    Bursting through the front door kult'dush fervently asked his brethren inside about the coming battle he knew would soon commence.

    "EY LATZ! Whud da skahn hek. Meeb smyll da bluud ihn da ayr." He said excitedly half telling and half asking. Mimicking sniffling the air.

    With that his fellow orc's detailed the reports that were received from their scouts: who keep track of organizational movements within the region. These reports indicated Yew had finished building a new shrine around a mighty YEW tree. Earlier reports said it was a full fledged fort defense with multiple entrances one with a metal gate. As they explained the situation report to him kult'dush restocked his supplies, grabbing his favorite war gear. Packing his secondary pack with only his light weight gear in case of emergency. kult then began making his plans to scout the inside of the fort itself if possible and the buildings that were not yet infiltrated. There was a black spot in their information that needed to be filled. This was his job. He had to go speak with the War Council before moving out to scout, he wasn't sure of the marching orders and if they were already getting ready to go. Before he could even ask anymore questions the war call was heard from inside the fort.

    As kult stepped out the front door he saw pugs, gruntees, and grunts alike pouring into the front of the fort. That familiar smell of a horde of orcs grew stronger and stronger. The sounds and smells of grunts, growls, snarls, farts, burps, vomit, dead horse flesh, dead human flesh and everything in between rose and rose as those with freshly acquired trophies poured into the fort. Instinctively they all begin falling in line except a lone stupid pug. Obviously not taking the hint from the rest of what every single other orc around is doing.

    "ey! lyn ub lat!" one of the council spat

    Jumping from reflex or trauma the pug stepped into line knowing the punishment awaiting him for messing up again.

    All kult could think about was maximizing the amount of blood spilled and having success. How this mission was not fully scouted. There were gaps in information he did not like. As he thought more and more about the information given to him everyone around him began moving. The meeting was over just as quick as it started. It was time for bloodletting.


    During the march towards the target location kult gathered what information he could from Gurzhir on YEW's shrine fort and its defenses. Gurz has suspected there being an access switch inside the fort to open the barred metal gate. The group of Bloodclan orcs arrived upon the fort with a tentative plan to get more information while building their own fort outside of the YEW stronghold. Forcing anyone into combat on their terms to obtain control of the situation while having a base camp of operation.

    As Bloodclan came through the wooded path up to the fort the overwhelming scent of humans and horses sent tingles up every orcs spine. They knew within moments they would be feasting on blood for the bloodgod... Blood of all kinds.

    With but a single command the horde of orcs rushed the fort.


    Countless orcs burst through the forest line catching unsuspecting humans between the oncoming onslaught and the front walls of YEW's fort.

    HOOWAHH!!!!! could be heard seemingly from every direction.

    The rhythmic sound of synchronized footsteps softened only for a brief moment as the first victim of the night turned to see a group of orcs midair, axes in hand, berserker raging into the throng of humans.

    Bolas whizzed through the air around the rushing orcs, knocking riders from their horses as nearby orcs stabbed, slashed, ripped, and bit into the easy food. A second contingent of orcs rushed slightly to the west of the ensuing chaos to set up their makeshift fort, quickly covering it with debris and camouflage to help protect it.

    kult'dush sneakily moved through the bloodshed, taking mental notes of the amount of combatants, who was affiliated with who. Marking threats from greatest to least threat level. He gauged the battlefield and noticed a group of humans rushing, fully mounted, towards those setting up the mobile siege fort. As quickly as his brain was processing the battlefield he lunged from the darkness slipping his spear to his back and raising a bola in one swift motion. He singled out the rider on the easiest looking food to kill and let his bola rip with lethal accuracy. The rider fell flat on his face as the orc got tied up in the ropes.

    In just as quick an instant Nok'Tor lunged at the horse, dropping it immediately and focusing down the felled rider. In the span of 5 seconds the human lay flat, krimped between 3 other orcs and a sea of corpses piling up outside their mobile fort.

    "BLUUD FUR DA BLUUDGUD!" they screamed in unison as kult'dush quickly took the humans head and retreated to the shadows while Nok'Tor went back to guarding the mobile fort.

    kult took another moment to survey the battlefield and immediately scouted for signs of YEW. He wanted to see their response to the new battlefield at their front door. He snuck around the outskirts, noticing their scouts were focused heavily on the new combat and the heat picking up outside their fort. Peering through a crack in the side of the wall he could see YEW as a whole generally relaxed WITHIN the fort but laser focused on what was going on outside the fort. He saw many a human get krimped and killed within the front curtain of the fort but they kept making push after push. This is when kult got a brilliantly stupid idea.

    Taking off the heavy ring mail armor and putting it in a stash spot off to the side of the fort itself he equipped his light gear and prepared to make his entrance in the chaos of the humans next push inside. kult'dush pulled the fresh human head from his bag and began to carefully peel the skin from its face. Plastering it over his own beautiful face really hurt him deep inside, to him there is nothing worse than pretending to be a human, or acting in any way shape or form like them. Except the thought of losing a battle and not appeasing the bluudgud. There is nothing worse than that. So all would be forgiven in the end. Its about results.

    kult grabbed a basic human robe from where the ground was littered with them and then snuck towards to the front of the gate. There he awaited his chance to sneak in to the fort and do the work of their lord and savior. The Bloodgod.
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    Waiting patiently kult could hear two distinct conversations going on in relatively hushed tones. One from within the other side of the fort front walls and the other just near the tree line from the other human attackers. While not being able to get the entirety of either conversation he was able to grasp the plan of both sides for the most part, it seemed YEW used similar tactics as Bloodclan when it came to defending their front entrance which gave kult an advantage, no one knew front curtain krimping better than him. He also knew the next push was about to come and prepared himself. He laid patiently directly next to the entrance, in a rather large and growing pile of human corpses, human face on, blood filling every crevice between both his face and his false face.

    As the battle ensued for the front kult wiggled his way underneath the puny human feet. Getting trampled in the process. Mimicking a sight he sees every day (that of a dead human) he slowly crept his body inside the front gate up against the walls. Wiggling his way past the action as it was going down. While doing so he snatched a green kilt and cloak from a corpse in the back as well as a nose helm and rolled his body out the back of the trap, while fastening the newly found equipment. He quickly moved past the attention of those inside the initial defense and groaned in minor pain as he found a hiding place within the heart of the Yew Shrine Tree.

    Here he spent a few moments repairing his wounds, readying his refreshment potions, applying bandages, fixing his fake face, which very clearly would never fool anyone. Checking anything he had metal and stowing it away for silence. From the hollow of the tree he began surveying the inside of the fort encampment.

    Knowing time was limited and the aspect of surprise would soon be lost he focused his attention on the western gate while taking mental note of the two large buildings to the north side of the encampment. There seemed to be a large assortment of boxes around the ramparts of the western gate which seemed suspicious to kult and he slowly and methodically began making his way closer to the gate to get a better picture of the situation at hand.

    As he crept closer he realized there was just a single militia man arranging and guarding a makeshift blockade around what looked to be a metallic switch. Presumably one that controls the gate if it is so important to block off. This is the only flaw he has yet to see in YEW's defenses and he then and there decided to take full advantage of it.

    Quietly sneaking in between the curtains on the inside of the fort, essentially trapping himself if anyone were to find him, he gathered himself and surveyed the lands beyond the gate. There he patiently awaited an opportunity to communicate with his brethren.

    The battlefield was littered with horses and bodies, weapons armor, blood and body parts. A volley of fighting back and forth from the orcs back at the makeshift mobile fort and the humans raged along the western side of YEWs shrine, just outside the walls. He thought if he could only get one of his companions attention he could set up a flank surprise attack. So as he waited he drew a few words in the dirt outside the gate in orcish.

    "LYN EM AWL UB OWTSYD NUW! NUW!" skribbled in his best writing.

    Just as Gurz ran by kult threw a handful of gold through the gate portcullis, knowing how best to get the attention of his fellow orcs. SHINIEZ. Of course Gurz immediately took note and game over, noticing the writing on the ground beneath the gold then heard the faint sound of orcish.

    "Meeb fownd id, lyn em ub, NUW"

    Gurz needed nothing more and immediately took off back to Bloodclan's stronghold. kult knew this very well might be the hardest part if the timing wasn't right. He needed to get over there now before the orcs suspiciously began lining up outside the western gate. He knew there was a very small window here from which to successfully attack and not get detected behind enemy lines and tortured by the humans with some obscene acts like washing babies or something equally as horrible.

    The shortest distance from which to reach the gate switch was actually right below it. To get up the ramparts kult noticed he would have to move a ton of the blockade the militia put up but if he moved a box or two from under it and climbed up the side flipping the switch he could jump down and immediately join the battle. So he stealthily waited right by the inside of the gate, waiting for the telltale signs his brethren have come. Within the span of a few minutes he could hear rustling from both sides of him. The orcs gathered outside the western wall, and some YEW began to catch on that something was up. kult closed his eyes and took a deep breath, waiting for the right moment. He heard from afar calls for support and decided now was as good a time as any and crept to the debris blocking his way up to the switch. He quickly tossed them to the side, flipped the switch twice to signal he was ready then a third time to leave it open. He jumped down, threw debris back in the way ensuring the gate couldn't be easily closed and he watched his brothers and sister flood in on the sacred yew tree.
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