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Thread: Shum (Paths)

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    Shum (Paths)

    Shum (Paths)

    Individually, each Shum represents the focus and direction of a particular orc. Whether it is the bloodlust of battle, the thrill of deceiving oomies, or the pursuit of a more efficient orcish war machine, there is a role for each orc to play in Bloodclan.

    Collectively, Shum give direction and purpose to their members and helps drive the clan towards domination of its enemies. Any type of orc can participate in any Shum, except Pug--they have a few things to learn before following a Shum.

    There are three Shum in Bloodclan:

    Shum of Destruction (Zaduk)
    From bloodlust to wanton destruction, Zaduk is the passion to destroy everything foreign. In order to bring about orcish dominance, the things of humanity must be annihilated. This can mean a wide range of things. It can be simple wood gathering to deforest a section of trees that humans enjoy. Or it can be as complicated as brokering an unholy alliance between the Undead and orcs to battle a human kingdom. Those that follow Zaduk focus on bringing down the enemy at all costs.

    Shum of Prosperity (Ushdurz)
    Ushdurz is a combination of greed and resourcefulness. This group of orcs aren't concerned about personal wealth as much as they focus on ensuring the horde as a whole is able to use their financial clout to upset human empires. An orcish army needs a fort and the supplies to defend it. These things are handled by the Ushdurz Shum. An orcish pickpocket may follow Ushdurz in their pursuit of lightening oomies' moneybags. Ushdurz houses orcs who understand how to fuel the horde.

    Shum of Trickery (Lakog)
    Those orcs who find themselves trying to outsmart their foe can find a home in Lakog. They are often the quick-witted scouts who disappear into the trees. The sharp tongued Mojoka who can talk their way out of any situation belong here. These tricksy orcs do what they can, using any means they can, to achieve their goals. A grand plot to misdirect the Yewian Militia while orcish burglars infiltrate their fortress could be a top-level operation of Lakog. A typical assignment might be sneaky kill of a human skinning a deer near the fort. A true Lakog follower is adept at finding quick solutions to any problems that approach them.


    The Shum leadership is comprised of one or more Graturk that wish to lead their chosen Shum. Wherever there may be disagreement among Shum leadership, the Warcouncil will give direction and create order.

    Shum leaders give orders to their members to stockpile resources, fortify territory, or target specific objectives. In the simplest terms, they are the goal-setters for their respective Shum. They are responsible for increasing roleplay development for their Shum members and determining Shum 'standing.' The clan progresses in the direction that the Graturk decide.


    Boot color for all ranks is the Clan color:

    The only exception is for orcs with GM Stealth, which use the Lakog Shum color for their boots:

    Shum members wear sashes dyed the color of their Shum, as follows:

    Shum of Destruction (Zaduk) = Dark Red (Same as our Clan color used for all boots.)

    Shum of Prosperity (Ushdurz) = Tan

    Shum of Trickery (Lakog) = Dark Blue

    In the last example, above, these orcs are both Stealthers (dark blue boots) and members of Lakog (dark blue sashes).
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