Attending Orcs:
[Grunt] Nok'tor
[Mojoka] Viguka
[Gruntee] Oonagh
[Gruntee] Shagluk
[Pug] Tor'Zuk
[Pug] Maz'jin

Grusom [Ork]

Description: After assembling the war party Nok'tor gave everyone a quick lesson in lining up and some basic krimp practice. We headed off to Darkmire dungeon to do a rock raid. Several ommies fell to the trap and only Nok'tor was inadvertently smushed in the process! After picking up another orc we decided to head to Aegis Keep. A Boulderfist orc named Grusom had joined our party and we had several kills in the hallway. The ommies struck back with a large group and sandwiched us in the hallway while we were disorganized. Only Nok'tor and Maz'jin managed to escape the onslaught.