(Archived from the former #roleplay-in-char discord subchannel.)

Varbu'Gnarg begins his journey in the world by slaughtering the farm animals around Shelter Island while yelling chants of his people.

Varbu'Gnarg and Oonagh train through sweat and blood to better themselves in combat after fighting in the dungeons earlier.
"Oomiez klomp hosh klomp urtz, but VARBU'GNARG 'nd Oonagh klomb mur bubhosh!!"

While training Varbu'Gnarg runs into a human. Not wanting to share he comes up with some clever yet simple tricks and the human is killed be other monsters. He quickly loots the corpse of any goods and then runs off with the spoils.
"Yub yub, Varbu krimp oomie. Lat na smurt, Varbu smurt! Hoowah!"

As Varbu grows and develops himself in the world as an Orc he comes to learn that for some reason Orcs have been given the smaller hand. Living harsh lives of work and survival while the humans bask in their fine clothing and wealth. Varbu has refused to accept this hand dealt to him as a result has become known to be a killer of Oomies. He now enjoys minor luxuries and levels of powers gained from fighting, his appetite is just getting started. Due to his growing ambition some of his values and beliefs have grown past those set by the Bloodclan. As a result he has chosen to make a way for himself in the world. Not wanting to leave on a bad note and paying nothing but respect to the clan he brings one last bag of loot. Several hundred pounds of logs and boards he has pillaged for the clan to use and make arrows. He says his goodbyes and then rides off into the world.