For UO Outlands we have introduced the role of the Hutark (Hunter). These orcs are PvM based builds to take advantage of Outlands unique skill line up. They function similar to the Makur rank and are not within the main rank hierarchy.

This class is open to all members who wish to make a PvM orc and can do so freely.

Skill Rules:
No hiding/healing required
Either full mage or dexxer, no hybrid builds
Hutarks cannot be red

General Rules:
The Hutark can ride Ostards. Same mount rules apply for Makur/Fort
Defensive PvP only except for special event occasions
Dress code is equivalent to Gruntee/Mojokii rank
Speech color is orange (same as Makur)

If you have an orc you wish to switch over to this rank contact a WC/Branch Leader in discord or post here.