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Thread: Dungeon Raid and Fort Defense! 5.25.19

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    Dungeon Raid and Fort Defense! 5.25.19

    Attending Orcs:
    [Grunt] Qig'dak
    [Grunt] E'grek
    [Grunt] Burz'Ro
    [Mojoka] Viguka
    [Mojokii] Wah'ya
    [Gruntee] Oonagh
    [Gruntee] Shagluk
    [Pug] M'yuk
    [Pug] Zug'bu

    We started the night off with E'grek's blooding ceremony. Due to exemplary service he was given the rank of Grunt! Hoowah E'grek!! The clan headed off to Mausoleum dungeon where with the use of clever traps we were able to score a number of kills and became overburdened with loot. On the way out we were taken surprised by two reds who smartly targeted our Mojos and we lost a battle of attrition.

    Licking our wounds we reorganized and headed to Bloodrock Fort where they were hosting an event defending a loot chest. We held the fort and decimated many attempts to steal the treasure. After Bloodrock dissipated we were assaulted by a large group of ommies before we could retreat to our own lands. Pushed into the fort we held to the last.

    Great work this moon! Some good krimping and crossheal allowed us to get into the swing of things and massacre many enemies.

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    Hopefully we can get a suitable fort for ourselves. HOOOWAHHH Bubhosh wurk Urks

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