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Thread: Convoy Ambush and Raid! 5.18.19

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    Convoy Ambush and Raid! 5.18.19

    Attending Orcs:
    [Grunt] Qig'dak
    [Grunt] Gurzhir
    [Mojoka] Viguka
    [Gruntee] E'grek
    [Gruntee] Lem'yuk
    [Gruntee] Shagluk
    [Pug] M'yuk

    Word had reached our ears of a supply caravan heading from Terran bank to moongate. E'grek was given command of the raid and we head out to set up a defensive position on hill overlooking the route. Many ommies rushed our position before it could be properly prepared and we were overrun. After resing up we began to trap and kill, while Bloodrock orcs were smashed on the road below. We held out with good crosshealing but eventually the onslaught overtook us.

    After rearming we headed to Bloodrock fort to help defend it. With the orc forces combined from a better position we repulsed the attack. Hoowah!

    A small trip was made to Ossuary dungeon, where got a few kills in before being surrounded. Ommies res'd use with much kindness. Dem soft! har.

    Excellent crosshealing! these raids would have been much shorter without!

    Viguka: https://imgur.com/a/pr3U2Z0
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