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Thread: Best times for events?

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    Best times for events?

    Just trying to get an idea and what everyone best playtime's are so we can start scheduling raids and events. Please post below what's good for you! Include what'd you like to see, either PK, PvP, or PvM!
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    In most cases, any evening will work.

    I would like to explore some aspect of PvP, whether that be factions or PKing.

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    I have a weird schedule. Typically, I play during the day. I work at a minimum every other weekend as well so I will get to mess around during the day then. I love trying to PvP. Factions could be fun...we need to work out a stealthing squad though.
    For organized stuff though I could get with Sir. and Pew. I have a fair rapport with most of the Pewbies. URK is very active and would probably love to get into a bit of Orcish trouble with us too.

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    US day time would be good for me on Outlands. I would like a day event where we are stealthing into dungeons and being offered or taking tributes.

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    day time is harder for me but maybe if it was on the weekend. Weekends after 8EST. PVP, PVM, Factions

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