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    How to Join

    Want to join the Bloodclan Orcs? Follow these simple steps and you'll be clomping in no time!

    First (Ash)
    Read the clan rules and any subsequent rules for the branch you wish to join.
    Clan Rules

    Second (Dub)
    Familiarize yourself with our language and memorize the basics.
    Orcish Language

    Third (Gahk)
    Apply for membership by filling out the application form and submitting it for approval.
    New Member Application

    Fourth (Futh)
    Follow the guide on how to make your orc character!
    Orc Character Creation

    Fifth (H)
    Join us in Discord to finalize your process and be added to the clan roster.
    Bloodclan Discord

    Sixth (Hash)
    After following all the previous steps you'll now be in the clan. Congratulations and welcome to the horde! Hooowah!!!
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