I am Titus Severus representing Imperium Prevalia a large RP guild on UO: Outlands. I was asked by Glub Glub to give a bit of a run down on the shard, my guild and the RP scene on outlands.

UO Outlands is a T2A era shard with a significant amount of customised content. There is a new map (clearly based on the original but changed dramatically), a revamp of many traditionally useless skills (for example camping now allows the player to carry more weight, standing at a campfire for 20 seconds produces a small buff to dmg during pvm and the ability to "hike" to various locations which works like recall) and changes to crafting. The shard just posted almost 2100 clients on at once making it the most populated free shard.

My guild Imperium Prevalia is a city guild for Prevalia the capitol city on the map. In the shard lore Prevalia was the center of a continent spanning empire before collapsing so we decided to run with that and have an ancient Roman esque RP theme. Were one of the larger guilds on the shard and are leading the way pushing RP. We even have some orc RPers in our legion.

RP on the shard is growing by the day with multiple guilds. There is an orc clan (boulderfist) currently and the start of an undead guild. Otherwise there are A few "good guy" guilds that I'm sue would love to have orc enemies. Most guilds are getting ready for an exciting RPvP event called Conquest.


That's about the state of the shard and RP. Looking forward to seeing bloodclan hopefully joining the fray.