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06-25-2017, 06:44 AM
Character Creation
First pick an orcish name. Asking in Discord or on the Forum is a good way to double check! You cannot have the same name as another member. Please make sure the names are not taken or you will be forced to remake the character. Your Orc name will define you! have some fun making it and be creative.

You cannot have multiple names such as Lug'agh'Juk or descriptive names like Gnarlug da Stinki. Names are just like we would have in everyday life and can be either one word such as “Lug” or you can have a “full name” “Kurg'Grat”

Often the second word is used as a last name for that family of orcs and can be used for multiple orcs that you make such as “Mul'Grat” and “Kal'Grat”. Both are “Grats” and related in game as part of their RP story. We strongly encourage well thought-out and detailed family lineage and background stories to help promote RP within the clan and community.

Naming Help
Orcs.ca Names (http://orcs.ca/orcsmain/resourcename.html#RTNG)
Fantasy Name Generator (http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/orc_names.php#.WU89MWjyvIU)

All orcs should adhere to the following

No Hair
No Facial Hair
Correct Skin Tone
When creating your character, human must be selected for race. You can choose Male or Female depending on your preference.

Skin Tone
The main skin tone is marked by the white dot, but any skin tone within the following yellow box is acceptable. Any new recruit who doesn't have the correct skin tone will be asked to remake their character.

All new orcs start as warriors. Only until you reach a higher rank can you apply to make a mage.

The best starting skills for an Orc are [50 Healing, 50 Anatomy] or [50 Healing, 50 Resisting Spells]. Weapon Skills, Tactics, and Anatomy gain much faster than Healing or Resist and don't expend resources.

45 Strength, 25 Dexterity, 10 Int is a good combination for starting stats. Orcs do not require Int as they have no need of Mana.