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07-31-2019, 05:58 AM
See the new ranks here: https://www.bloodclan.org/forum/showthread.php/944-Ranks?p=5149

After thoroughly discussing and considering these changes, Warcouncil and the extended leadership are pleased to present to the clan and wider community our new rank names! Please read below for how the old ranks are translated into new ranks and the reasons for these changes.

Universal Ranks

Ranks are now standardized across all platforms, including the forum, Discord, and games. For example, if a main character is a Graturk, then that player carries that rank everywhere. Non-primary characters are generally one rank lower than the main character, by default. However, through RP and quests, alternate characters can be separately promoted to equal rank as a main character.

Discord ranks are updated as follows:

Warcouncil (stays the same, as this is mainly an out-of-character rank for our administrators)
Grunt -> Graturk
Gruntee -> Mauruk
Maubur (new role created)
Pug -> Kur
Snaga (stays the same)
Alliance (stays the same)

Similarly, the forums are updated to show the new rank names everywhere. Essentially, to minimize confusion, the words Grunt, Gruntee, and Pug will now only show up in old forum posts for historical purposes.

Reasons for Change

Black speech words are more immersive than english-sounding rank names. We want more alignment with the Lord of the Rings style orcs, and move away from Warcraft’s cartoony tropes. A lot of our words come from Tolkein, like “krimp”.

Other orc clans use our old ranks, and this change sets us apart.

Although learning the new rank names will take time, we’ve done informal surveys of non-members and found that the rank order (from Kur to Maugoth) is 100% naturally intuitive. The proposal described below includes standardization of the ranks across all platforms, so it will be very easy for all members to get used to the ranks quickly because they’ll see the names everywhere.

We want to add a rank between Kur and Mauruk just for newish orcs who have passed tests, been branded, and have played with us for at least a few days. Kur would be treated as brand new, while Maubur are vetted members. Mauruk are capable orcs that exhibit some leadership. Graturk are veterans and mentors, solidly contributing to the clan over the long-term.

We have used these ranks, or similar black speech ranks, on previous shards with great success.